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岡山県産 い草 リバーシブル コースター 5枚セット


10cm 丸形コースター リバーシブル 5色セット (つゆ草、ブルー、桜、セージ、サフランの5色)


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  • い草は、軽く丈夫ですが、天然素材のため、湿気が少ない場所、直射日光のあたらない場所での保管をお願い致します。濡れた場合は、乾いた布でふいてよく乾かして下さい。

  • Rush grass has been used as a tatami mat surface in Japan. It has a very long history. According to the old legend, the origin of grass goods dates back 1,800 years.  It is light and durable. Depending on the surrounding humidity, the Igusa material absorbs and releases moisture as if it were breathing. The touch of Igusa is comfortable to the skin and somewhat nostaligic reminding us of childhood memories. With simple care, the Igusa products last for a long time and bring you tradition and practicality at the same time.

    These set will make your dining table cosy and welcoming. It's also great for gift.

    ・Made out of 100 % natural rush grass (Igusa).
    ・Made in Japan by a dedicated artisan.
    ・Wipe with a wet cloth for cleaning (These are not be cleaned in a washing machine or dryer).
    ・Avoid direct sun to prevent fading
    ・Wipe and dry in shade before extended storage